Nicholas Galitzine Opens Up About His Sexuality After Starring in Queer Stories

The actor has played gay characters in multiple projects.

Nicholas Galitzine is sharing insight into his sexuality.

After starring as a closeted rugby player in Handsome Devil, a gay prince in Red, White & Royal Blue, and a man who seduces the king of England in Mary & George, 29-year-old Galitzine has faced questions about his real-life preferences.

"I identify as a straight man, but I have been a part of some incredible queer stories," he tells British GQ. "I felt a sense of uncertainty sometimes about whether I'm taking up someone's space, and perhaps guilt. At the same time, I see those characters as not solely their sexuality."

Galitzine -- who once thought he'd be a pro athlete before injuries set him down a different path -- told the publication that he's not afraid to challenge masculinity, though that wasn't always the case.

"I was a very scared young man," he recalls. "And I think a lot of men are really scared. I think they're scared of their own mortality. I think they're scared of being found out. There's this notion in masculinity that you have to be in control and certain of everything."

Galitzine's latest role isn't a queer one. Rather, in The Idea of You, he stars as a 24-year-old pop star who has a love affair with a 40-year-old divorcee, played by Anne Hathaway.

When ET spoke to Hathaway last month, she opened up about her chemistry with her co-star.

"Nick and I just, we got along right off the bat," she said. "We just started texting and then we started talking and then we were acting together and then we were talking in between... We just kind of developed a real proper friendship and that's just really, I don't know, special."

The response to the book adaptation has been positive, to say the least, something that has "been unreal," Galitzine told ET at the Met Gala.

"I am so grateful," he added. "... I'm feeling a lot of love, which is really nice."