Nick Cannon on Bringing His Wild 'N Out Restaurant Dreams to Life (Exclusive)

The 37-year-old rapper and host is opening the first Wild 'N Out Sports Bar and Arcade in Miami next month.

Nick Cannon is "thinking big." 

The 37-year-old rapper and host is bringing Wild 'N Out to the restaurant business, with the first Wild 'N Out Sports Bar and Arcade opening Memorial Day weekend on Miami's Ocean Drive in South Beach. 

ET's Nischelle Turner caught up with Cannon at Sugar Factory in New York City on Tuesday, where he opened up about his latest project -- which he said he envisioned when he first created the MTV series Wild 'N Out

"When you create a destination and an environment that people are drawn to, it can go anywhere, so we're going to start restaurants and we'll go all the way to comedy academies," he revealed. "[It will be] everything you love from the show. You never know what can happen."

"It's the first hip-hop sports bar ever... It's not just a place where you can get food and drinks, but also you can play games and it's Wild 'N Out-themed," he explained. "The Wild 'N Out girls are there as your waitresses, and there might be a Wild 'N Out guy or two. But it's really that same energy from the show."

The full arcade will feature interactive games and memorabilia from the hit MTV show alongside a full-service sports bar, including food like Wild ‘N Out Wings and Oversized Nachos, as well as signature Wild 'N Out cocktails and frozen drinks (which ET got a special taste of). According to Cannon, the venue will also host live performances, Wild 'N Out Girls auditions and comedy shows. 

"We're starting in Miami and then San Diego, my hometown, is the second location. Then we're doing Hollywood. Then we're doing New York and Vegas," Cannon shared of his vision for the bar. Hopefully we can expand from there to other great cities like Atlanta and every other metropolitan in the States." 

With season 11 of Wild 'N Out about to kick off on MTV, Cannon already has a lot on his plate, but said crafting the bar's menu was a big priority. 

"I said, 'This is what I want to eat, this is what I think will be fun,' but we have some world-renowned chefs that will be actually preparing the food," he shared. "I can make waffles, I can BBQ. I can grill. It's a man thing. We got some of the best chefs at Wild 'N Out to actually get the wings together. I know how they're supposed to taste. I don't know how to make them."

"That's why [Moroccan and Monroe] love hanging out with Dad, because they know they can eat whatever they want," Cannon joked of his 6-year-old twins with ex-wife Mariah Carey. "If it's in the freezer, just put it in the microwave. You got it."

See more on Cannon in the video below.