Nick Cordero Has Woken Up From His Coma Amid Coronavirus Battle, Wife Amanda Kloots Confirms

Nick Cordero’s Wife Posts Health Update After His Leg Was Amputated

Kloots shared the latest update on her husband, who had been in an induced coma for the last weeks.

Nick Cordero is awake.

Amanda Kloots took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to share that her husband is awake after being in a medically induced coma amid his lengthy battle with COVID-19. She shared that he started showing signs of waking up on Mother's Day.

"Guys, great, great day, great news! Nick, oh my gosh, we have come a very long way. A very, very long way," she began. "It's hard to believe. Nick, he's so weak. Really, really weak, but you can tell that he's in there, you can tell that he's trying, you can tell that he's hearing and it's just, honestly, it's amazing."

After singing with her son, Elvis, Kloots confirmed that Cordero "is awake" and can hear and follow commands. She explained that he is responding with his eyes and by looking up and down.

"The thing is that he's just so weak, our guy is so weak from everything that he went through," she explained. "Even closing his eyes, takes it out of him. They're waiting for him to regain strength, of course, time and recovery will help with that and then eventually PT will help him get stronger. But he's a true superhero."

"Everything is looking good, finally," she said, adding that there are still many factors for him to be fully recovered. "It's a very long road still… but we are in the beginning of recovery and him waking up… What a miracle."

Kloots explained that he's not talking or moving his head yet, but this is progress.

"Our guy is coming back and it's just so great. It's a great day," the fitness instructor expressed. Kloots thanked the medical team that has been helping the Broadway star, and followers, for their support. She also joked that now they would have to change their #WakeUpNick hashtag to #NickIsWoke.

She concluded by re-sharing her happy news for those who missed the first part of her IG Live.

"We just got a confirmation from the doctor that Nick is awake, he is hearing us, he is seeing us. He is still super, super weak. He's not talking or looking left and right, but acknowledging commands," Kloots reiterated before signing off and thanking everyone.

The news comes after Kloots shared a "fantastic" FaceTime call with her husband on Mother's Day, which she said included a lot of "positive little things."

Cordero was first hospitalized for pneumonia and later tested positive for the coronavirus. He has since tested negative.

The Broadway actor had to have his right leg amputated due to ongoing blood clotting complications and has undergone a tracheostomy, which was one step toward getting him off a ventilator.

For more on his health struggles, watch below.