Nick Cordero's Wife Shares Update on His Condition Amid COVID-19 Battle: 'We Need Him to Wake Up'

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots With Son Elvis
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, is keeping friends and fans up to date about her husband's challenging struggle.

As Nick Cordero's frightening battle with COVID-19 continues, the Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, is keeping his friends and fans up to date on his condition.

"Update on Nick: His blood pressure is better! Dialysis is working. They’ve been able to drain fluids to help inflammation," Kloots wrote in a message she shared to her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

Kloots previously revealed that her husband has been placed on a ventilator, is undergoing dialysis to support his kidney function, and is using an ECMO machine to assist his heart and lungs. He also needed emergency surgery to clear a blood flow blockage in his leg.

"We need him to wake up," Kloots continued. "They need to see him follow commands."

Kloots added that "his right foot is not showing a pulse but the wound looks better," and that his "breathing is a bit fast this morning."

On April 1, Kloots first shared that her husband was unconscious in the ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia the week prior, and that they were waiting on the results of a coronavirus test. Several days later, she revealed that the test had returned positive.

Wednesday's new post comes days after Kloots -- who shares a 10-month-old son, Elvis, with the actor -- opened up about a frightening emergency that required Cordero to be resuscitated. 

"We had really great progress and then yesterday I got a phone call saying that he had an infection in his lungs," Kloots explained. "That caused his fever to spike way above normal, which caused his blood pressure to drop, which caused his heart to go to an irregular pattern. He lost consciousness, he lost his pulse and they had to resuscitate him. It was very scary. They had a very hard time getting him back."

"He made it out of surgery, he is alive. He is still in very critical condition," Kloots added. "He is struggling; just every minute counts right now."

Cordero last appeared on the Broadway stage in the musical A Bronx Tale The Musical as Sonny in 2018 and as Earl in Waitress in 2016. His other credits include Rock of Ages in 2012 and the 2014 production of Bullets Over Broadway.

It was on the set of Bullets Over Broadway that Cordero met his future wife, a celebrity fitness instructor. Kloots and Cordero welcomed their son, Elvis, last June.

On April 12, Kloots shared a video to Instagram showing her and baby Elvis recording a message for Cordero, and she explained that she'd been taping videos for her husband every day since his hospitalization began, "so that when he wakes up he can watch them and feel like he’s been with Elvis and I every day."