Nick Jonas Reveals the Inspiration Behind ‘Find You’ -- And It’s Not What You Think!

Nick Jonas on Ellen DeGeneres
The Ellen Show

The singer was inspired to write the song after a trip to Coachella.

In his new “Find You” video Nick Jonas is wandering in the desert, looking for a mystery woman. Turns out, the video touches on the inspiration behind his new single. 

When Jonas, 25, appeared on Tuesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show the host quickly asked him who the song is about, and he went on to explain how the pop tune was made.

“I wrote this song, I was at Coachella… I ended up at the rave tent for a few hours, dancing and having fun,” he explained of the desert music festival. “I went into the studio in the next day and said, ‘What if I took a house beat, dance approach, and I put it into a pop song?’” 

DeGeneres persisted, though, asking Jonas exactly who had inspired the lyrics.

“It’s actually just as much about finding out who I am and being ok by myself versus finding somebody,” he insisted to the dubious host. 

Jonas recently opened up to ET’s Cameron Mathison about wanting to collaborate with another special lady – Shania Twain! Watch the video below to see what he said about a potential duet: