Nick Viall on the 'Exciting' Prospect of Proposing to Natalie Joy (Exclusive)

Ahead of his appearance on E!'s 'Celebrity Beef,' the former Bachelor gushed to ET about his relationship.

Nick Viall is thinking about becoming a married man. ET spoke with the 41-year-old former Bachelor following his two-year anniversary with his girlfriend, Natalie Joy, and he revealed he's "for sure" thinking about popping the question.

"We've been together two years and we live together, so obviously those conversations happen and it's certainly exciting to think about a future with her," Viall told ET. "I think she feels the same about me, which is exciting. I'm just very, very grateful to have the relationship that I have with her."

Around the time of their second anniversary, Viall and Joy set off on a European adventure, showing that things are "going great" and "still thriving" with the couple.

"We are doing really well and just trying to keep moving forward, I think," Viall said. "We are obviously really optimistic about our future together and we certainly talk about the future a lot and I guess we'll just wait and see."

ET spoke with Viall and fellow Bachelor Nation star Ben Higgins ahead of their appearance on E!'s Celebrity Beef, and, despite their upcoming competition on the show, Higgins had nothing but kind words for Viall's longtime girlfriend.

"There's nobody I've ever met that's met Natalie and has not really liked Natalie," Higgins told ET. "She's a really sweet human."

Niceties aside, Viall and Higgins are going head-to-head on the Joel McHale-hosted series to try to settle once and for all who the better Bachelor was. The pair whipped up sausage dishes while McHale told sausage jokes in an attempt to put an end to the years-long franchise debate.

"Joel is a master of comedy, as we all know. I think Ben and I were just trying to follow his lead and it certainly was a lot of low-hanging fruit jokes -- that's for sure -- but all in good fun," Viall said. "It was just a fun environment and it's always fun to compete with Ben."

Despite the silly nature of their "feud," Viall and Higgins' TV appearance did have a greater meaning, as they were competing to win money for charity; Higgins supported Project Hope, while Viall played for End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin.

"With The Viall Files, I have a large audience of women and I'm grateful enough to hear many of their stories," Viall said of his popular podcast. "Obviously, unfortunately, domestic abuse is something that happens all the time. Being from Wisconsin, I wanted to support my home state... I think we can never bring too much awareness and support to the victims of domestic abuse."

While fans will have to wait to see which of the guys comes out victorious, Viall feels comfortable conceding the Best Bachelor title to Higgins.

"I think Ben and I both like to say that the other person was the better Bachelor, but we all know Ben [was]. We all know what everyone thinks. No one's ever told me I was on the Mount Rushmore of Bachelor Nation," Viall joked. "... We all know Ben's the best... Ben will always be a friend. I value his friendship and I think we'll probably be able to put our feud to bed after all the sausage."

Higgins and Viall's episode of Celebrity Beef will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. on E!