Nicole Ari Parker on 'And Just Like That' & Possibly Joining Husband Boris Kodjoe on 'Station 19' (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Parker and Kodjoe about their new film 'Safe Room' and the possibility of working to together on 'Station 19.'

Nicole Ari Parker is no stranger to teaming up with her husband, Boris Kodjoe, on screen.

ET's Rachel Smith talked to the couple about their new Lifetime thriller, Safe Room, and possibility of Parker joining Kodjoe on Station 19.

"You know, we both responded equally to the beautiful script written by Nneka Gerstle, because it's about the mother and a son and the mother dealing and managing their situation of her son being on the spectrum, and then throughout the movie she gets to know her son better under these crazy circumstances, because the son witnesses a murder across the street and the killers come after them," Kodjoe, who stars in and directs the film said. "So, it was a thriller, it was a drama, it had elements of a love story between a mother and a son, so, what's not to like?"

For Parker it was a combination of the script and working with her husband that drew her to the project.

"Absolutely, I thought this was his time, I mean this was something that he's always wanted to do and to have this thriller, action, drama, family story all rolled into one, I just thought it was a great opportunity for him to to do what he loves doing and it was a joy to be a part of it and watch him go," Parker said of her husband making his directorial debut. "I mean it was a lot of pressure, and he just rose to the occasion and I'm so proud of him."

Outside of Safe Room, the couple are busy with their own respective series, with Kodjoe on ABC's Station 19 and Parker starring as private school mom, Lisa Todd, on the Sex and The City reboot, And Just Like That.

For Parker, joining the SATC franchise was a joy, as was bringing diversity to the mix in the reboot.

"It was a joy to work on, I love being back in New York, I love the clothes being in the mix. But I did have to adjust to this 23-year-old fandom," Parker explained. "I mean, these were fans that were diehard fans, and they were having all of this interest. They were on location, and then, when the show premiered, this strong response to these new characters and everyone being different people now in their 50s, and I just had to adjust to that. People had so much they wanted to say about it, and it's been a fun, joyous, very fashionable experience."

That diversity was executed not just in the characters, but in the overall styling and the show's famous fashions.

"I was really blown away at by how well they did it," she continued. "My character, for example, could have been just a token rich lady who from the upper east side, but they really figured out the kind of art she would have in her house, the clothing, the shoes, everything that was in her entry way. The art department, the art designers really did a good job. As an artist and as a black woman. Because I know that lady, right? And apparently, they did too, and they did it right."

While a season 2 has yet to be confirmed, the couple has a few ideas, including bringing in Kodjoe to the SATC universe.

"Well, you know, my apartment could be set on fire," Parker joked. "Firemen, exactly," Kodjoe agreed. "The hot fireman," Parker added.

As far as Parker making her way over to Seattle to join forces with her "hot fireman?" It's just a matter of scheduling.

"We tried," Kodjoe said about getting his wife on the show. "She has been so busy lately. It's been really hard to get her."

"I want to be on that show so bad," Parker chimed in. "She wants to be on Station 19, it would be so great to have her," Kodjoe agreed.

Till these two can make all our crossover dreams come true, check them out in Safe Room when it debuts on Lifetime Jan. 15.