Nicole Kidman Says Keith Urban Was 'Shocked' Seeing Her 'Destroyer' Transformation (Exclusive)

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban
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Nicole Kidman is opening up about how her husband, Keith Urban, reacted to first seeing her grizzled character in Destroyer, her latest onscreen transformation.

“I think he was shocked,” she told ET’s Lauren Zima in a sit-down interview on Sunday. “Audiences as well, which is fantastic. I mean, obviously, that’s something that we were hoping we would create, a different person, and that’s what I’m always looking to do, is to become a different person.”

In the film, the 51-year-old actress plays Erin Bell an L.A. cop who’s very appearance is worn and unhealthy. Bell is hunting down members of a violent gang whom she tangled with years prior, with tragic results. Kidman has been universally lauded for her bold, immersive performance.

She previously spoke with ET in December about her elaborate look in this project, which included a makeup test at her home, which she says was an unnerving experience.

"When it becomes in your home and you're just kind of there, it's very gritty," Kidman said at the time. "What happens is it becomes authentic, so then it just becomes, like, ‘Oh, this is very real to me. I'm in this skin. I'm in this person. I'm not standing on the outside trying to make this happen.’”

During the chat on Sunday, she and director Karyn Kusama discussed how they unwound after filming wrapped, which included long baths and a vacation. That’s when Kidman discussed the benefits of being married to someone who understands her commitment to her craft.

“I think I’m just very lucky to have a husband that just gets it,” she said. “He’s a musician. He’s very, very artistic. He understands what it is being married to an actor. We’ve been married now for 12 years, so we’ve been through a lot together.”

Destroyer is currently in theaters.

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