Connie Britton Says New Roger Ailes Movie Will Teach Viewers American History (Exclusive)

The Hollywood veteran also opened up about her new TV show, 'Dirty John.'

Connie Britton is promising some real insight from the upcoming Roger Ailes film, Fair and Balanced.

ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with the Nashville star on the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet, where she discussed participating in the star-studded film which explores alleged personal incidents between several female employees at Fox News and the notorious founder of the conservative cable news channel. In it, she portrays Ailes' widow.

“I’m playing Beth Ailes, it’s an incredible film,” she explained. “Jay Roach directed it. A gorgeous cast. Nicole Kidman. Charlize Theron, who’s also a producer and really put it together.”

She went on to tease that the film will shed some light on the immense influence of Ailes and Fox News in shaping the public discourse.

“I think we’re really gonna learn a lot about our own history because Roger Ailes has really had a huge impact in the last two decades, even more really,” the 51-year-old actress stated, adding that the film will highlight how we arrived at our fractious modern political atmosphere.

When Frazier playfully asked Britton who is going to be upset by the film, she responded, “Nobody,” with a sly smile.

She also spoke about the huge reception her Bravo show, Dirty Johnhas received from viewers. The show is based on real events and was first recounted in podcast form. 

“It’s a really incredible story and the podcast did the same thing. It was one of those things that was so compelling and it kept pulling people in,” she responded. “And I’m so grateful that people have found the show as well and that we have given them something to watch that is really interesting.”

In it, a charming doctor (played by Eric Bana) strikes up a romance with a wealthy single woman in California’s Newport Beach. However, Britton’s character and her family soon discover that the new man in her life has a lot to hide.

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