Macaulay Culkin Expertly Trolls His Brother Kieran Over Golden Globes Nomination


Macaulay Culkin made an amazing discovery while live tweeting the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday.

Upon watching the annual award show, the 38-year-old actor noticed that his younger brother, Kieran Culkin, was at the event.

"Oh sh*t! My brother is at the Golden Globes?! That is so cool! #GoldenGlobes," he wrote.

Macaulay went on to compliment his brother's looks, sharing a red carpet pic of Kieran and his wife, Jazz Charton, writing, "My brother looks so handsome at the #GoldenGlobes."

The brotherly love took a hilariously sarcastic turn when Macaulay wrote, "Oh my god, there he is! Hi bro!" alongside a pic of Henry Winkler. In a follow up tweet, the Home Alone star shared a zoomed-in look at the Henry Winkler shot, showing his brother standing in the background.

Macaulay -- who recently changed his middle name to "Macaulay Culkin" after a public vote -- continued his playful ribbing, telling his fans, "You know, if y’all voted for me to change my name to Kieran I’d be at the Golden Globes right now. Just saying. #thanks"

Macaulay went on to marvel at his little brother's good seats and request a special favor from Kieran. "Whoa! Kieran has such good seats! Dude, ask Gaga why she isn't following me on Twitter! #GoldenGlobes," he demanded.

The surprise of Kieran's attendance at the Globes was nothing compared to Macaulay's next discovery -- his brother was up for an award! The 36-year-old actor was nominated for Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TV for his role on HBO's Succession

"HOLY SH*T KIERAN IS NOMINATED??? WHAT IS SUCCESSION?!" Macaulay asked. "Man, I should really answer his calls more often. Thanksgiving is going to be really awkward this year. #GoldenGlobes"

Kieran ended up losing the award to A Very English Scandal's Ben Whishaw, meaning Macaulay's pick for the category -- Henry Winkler for Barrynot his brother -- lost too.

"This show is rigged!!! I was totally pulling for Winkler. #GoldenGlobes," Macaulay joked. "(No one tell [Kieran] he didn't win)"

As it turns out, Macaulay did know about Kieran's nomination, as the younger brother told ET's Lauren Zima that telling his family the news was "pretty cool."

"It was, like, five in the morning, I was getting all these texts [and I said,] 'I think all of you are wrong. This doesn't sound right,'" he recalled.

Macaulay's feigned disbelief over Kieran's nomination wasn't far off from how Kieran actually felt when he learned the news.

"[It's] wildly unexpected. I wasn't even sure our show was eligible this year for it. I'm not even kidding," he said. "Then I got a call about it happening and I was like, 'None of this makes sense. Everyone's messing with me right now. I need to check this... Google says it's true.'"

Though Kieran and Henry didn't take home Globes, many other stars did! Watch the video below for all of the night's big winners



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