Nicole Kidman Shares the Message She's Teaching Her Daughters About Work Ethic (Exclusive)

ET also spoke with Kidman about receiving the Career Achievement Award as part of the Palm Springs International Film Awards.

Nicole Kidman's successful career is attributed to the love and support from her family. The Oscar-winning actress expressed how her daughters -- Sunday, 13, and Faith, 11 -- as well as husband, Keith Urban, are all part of her process of taking on a new role, and the message she's teaching her girls about work ethic.

"I think they see it. They're firsthand, where we travel as a little group, where, always, we share pretty much everything," Kidman told ET's Nischelle Turner, as part of the Palm Springs International Film Awards, where she received the Career Achievement Award, about her daughters understanding her work and the effort she puts into it. "I always say it's our work as a family, it's not my work. So they share in everything, all of them, because it is our work and without their support, I wouldn't be able to do it."

"And they're right there with me and we have a very, deeply, intimate family, so we share a lot," she continued. "They're both seen a lot and been aware of a lot of my goals. And my husband is, I’ve always said, he is rock solid. And he'll be there, like just an incredible love and support to me, as I hope I give to him as well, because he's got a massive career and it's just in a very different field. He makes music."

With two successful and powerhouse parents, Kidman said that they don't sugarcoat anything for their girls. "It is what it is. It's very real," she noted, adding, "But also, would I love to bring them to Palm Springs and to the festival? Yes! Am I incredibly proud to be able to say, 'Yeah, I got this Career Achievement Award from Palm Springs, which is a huge festival with a lot of really important people? [Yes!]"

"I want to thank the board, I want to thank everyone that decided to bestow the honor on me because it's still wow, if not more," she added.

With a career spanning almost 40 years, Kidman's latest role is playing Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin's Being the Ricardos. One that she has said is very near and dear to her heart.

"I still have incredible passion for what I do and incredibly just committed to it as well," Kidman expressed. "So to get a Career Achievement Award from the Palm Springs Film Festival was like, 'Really? You want to honor me with that now?' What a fantastic thing. I still have incredible passion for what I do and I’ve obviously been there many times. I was really looking forward to going. It is what it is, but I very much enjoy meeting everybody else and sort of just participating in it. I think that so much of my career is being a part of the industry and mixing with people and you come together and collaborate."

"To be able to have collaborated with Aaron Sorkin and all of these amazing actors on this particular film and the crew that we had that supported the whole vision, that would have been a nice thing to celebrate in person," she sweetly added.

For more on Kidman becoming Lucille Ball, see below.



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