Nicole Kidman Stayed in Character 'the Whole Time' While Filming 'Destroyer' and Keith Urban Was Over It

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban
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It turns out Keith Urban isn’t always a fan of the way Nicole Kidman prepares for her film roles.

The Oscar winner joined an actress roundtable, that also included Lady Gaga, Rachel Weisz, Glenn Close, Regina King and Kathryn Hahn, where she revealed that she fully committed to her role in the forthcoming crime thriller Destroyer, in which she plays Erin Bell, an L.A. cop hellbent on finding justice.

“I entered so deeply into her,” she explained, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I don't always do this with a character, but this one I had to because I didn't want to feel like I was ever shifting into a performance: I stayed in character the whole time.” 

“I had to really learn how to use guns,” she added. “I had no idea how. So I put in a lot of time. I live in Tennessee. I have a gun range just down from my house. I would go down there and I could shoot anything that is in that film.”

Close asked Kidman if she stayed in character when she went home to her kids. That’s when she revealed that the whole process got on her Urban's nerves.

“You didn't have to call me Erin, but it just kind of enters the psyche,” she stated. “My husband was like, ‘I cannot wait for this thing to end.’”

The 51-year-old previously spoke with ET about the emotional toll of filming Big Little Lies took on her, partially because the shoot was far longer than she was used to, having worked primarily in movies.

"Normally I can step back into my family life in a very easy way. I mean, not always, but you know, usually. I've been working a long time now," she explained in July of 2017. "But it was hard."

"Luckily, I have a partner who is artistic, so he understands what it takes to support that," she added. "[He] would hold me, and I was really upset at times. Really damaged and really upset and physically and emotionally drained and in pain... Luckily, I have that at home and I also have people I can talk to and get it out."

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