Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts on Planning Dates All Over Their 'Love Shack' (Exclusive)

'We find little areas to curate special moments,' Nash tells ET.

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts are opening up about how they keep their date nights fun.

While speaking to ET this week, the newlyweds revealed that they've been living together all throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and have enjoyed finding unique, romantic ways to help get them through it.

"I think this is the first time in my life I've ever been in a relationship and felt fully seen," Nash told ET's Kevin Frazier. "We fell in love here and we spent a lot of time together during quarantine. So we've had many dates all around the house."

"We find little areas to curate special moments, and so that's why I call it 'a love shack,'" she continued. "We are constantly, probably at least four or five times a week, it's like, 'Can you meet me by the pool? Can you meet me in the movie room? Can you meet me in the bathtub?' We find little spaces to date around here."

Betts chimed in, telling ET that their love shack is filled with "lots of love, cuddling, laughing and patience."

The two also reflected on their beautiful wedding day. They tied the knot last fall in a ceremony that eventually, as Nash so perfectly put it, "broke the internet."

"No one knew we were getting married," Nash said. "And when we jumped, so to speak, and posted our picture ... I really didn't think people were going to care that much."

Nash and Betts had been friends for years, but didn't become romantically involved with each other until the comedian went through a divorce with her second husband, Jay Tucker.

"We were really, really good friends and I loved her as a person," Nash explained. "There was no doubt about that she loved me too, but I never thought about a relationship with her, or any woman, as a matter of fact. And then after I was divorced, I don't know what happened. I looked at her one day and my eyes crossed and I said, 'Who are you? Can you sit and stay a while?'"

"I remember the way you looked at me when the doors opened [at our wedding]," Nash added, speaking directly to Betts. "It was like you caught your breath and you were like [ahhh]. I took one look across the pool and I said, 'I'm coming to marry you.' Just the look on her face, it was almost like, we had 24 guests, but everybody disappeared and I only saw her."

The couple's love story is being celebrated on the cover of The Advocate's "Champions of Pride" issue, which is on stands Tuesday, June 1. Of the recognition in the LGBTQ-interest magazine, Nash and Betts said they are "very honored."

"We're on the cover of The Advocate. I mean, this is -- my cheeks hurt because I can't stop smiling," Nash gushed. "I do feel an overwhelming sense of being welcomed. I was always a friend of the community, I was always community adjacent. I was always an advocate for the community, but now I'm a member."

Betts described Pride as "love, passion and courage," marveling over the fact that Nash "represents all of those things."

"She's very courageous, very talented and smart," the musician raved. "I'm just happy to be here with her, to express and show our love to people, that inspires people."

Nash told ET that she's also planning to discuss her and Betts' relationship in a book she's writing, an idea that was encouraged by her good pal, Oprah Winfrey.

"We had a very loving heart to heart and she said, 'Dear, I know you think the first book is the book, but this is the book,'" she recalled. "So when Oprah tells you it's the book, you just get out your pen and paper and you figure it out."

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