Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Release Sexy Dance Video to Announce They're Officially a Couple

The duo return to the dance floor years after first meeting on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are hitting the dance floor!

On Wednesday, the duo dropped a sexy video on Nikki and twin Brie Bella's YouTube channel where they are seductively dancing to Rita Ora's 2018 song, "Let Me Love You." Nikki and Artem, both of whom took to Instagram on Tuesday to share sneak peeks of the footage, clearly have chemistry in the sexy video, which starts out with the 37-year-old pro dancer entering a warehouse on a motorcycle.

After Artem strips off his leather jacket and gets shirtless, Nikki joins in on the fun, wearing a lacy, skin-baring black ensemble. The pair are on fire as the spin around the dance floor. One of the hotter moments in the video comes when Artem kisses Nikki's legs as they lay on the floor before they have a steamy make-out session.

On Nikki and Brie's podcast, The Bellas Podcast, Nikki and Artem reveal that they made the video to announce that they are officially a couple. 

"It was a very stressful three days, but we managed to put [out] a really, really, really good dance," Artem, who choreographed the dance, said of making the video. "I hope you guys like it because I think it's very special for both of us for various reasons... It's very personal." 

"I think the very special part of this dance is definitely the very ending of it, which we're obviously not going to reveal... It's very dear to both of our hearts and it's, God, it's just so emotional," he continued of the make-out moment in the video. "It's crazy... It makes you feel a certain way and I think when you see it, it makes more sense... It's one of those dances that you feel very vulnerable about and I think what really is special about it at least to me."

Nikki also revealed that she picked Rita's song because it explains "my journey with Artem and dating."

"This song really hit me hard because I just felt like, OK, I'm fall for this guy really fast, but... I just kept trying to push Artem away because I wasn't ready for anything, like, what was coming at me with Artem, this amazing guy," Nikki said. "He just makes me laugh and it's just easy to be around him and he makes me feel stress free."

"I felt myself falling for him a lot, but then I felt like I was acting out in ways... I was avoiding it and these lyrics hit me hard because she's kinda talking about that," she added. 

The announcement via dance video comes about two years after Nikki and Artem were paired together on Dancing With the Stars, where they went home during the sixth week of the show. Filming this video, though, was a different experience than chasing after the mirror ball trophy.

"I could tell Artem would get a little frustrated because I would check a business email and it would actually shift. And then it started taking me back to my Dancing With the Stars days, like, I was fully focused on dancing, like, you're in that moment. And I was kinda bummed on this dance that I took myself out of the moment a lot," Nikki said. "And then dealing with Artem, dating him, like, before he was just my pro and now... he'd be like, 'No Nicole. That's not right.' And I'd be like, 'Excuse me?'"

"Before we did dancing and Dancing With the Stars, which has been quite some time ago, I don't remember you [being] scared looking at me and then all of the sudden you couldn't even look at me," Artem agreed. "You were all, like, weirded out about it."

"Back in that day, it's not that I didn't care what you thought, but, like, I was there to win a competition. And, like, it was just different, but now I like you," Nikki explained. "... The main reason why we did this dance is kind of... [to] tell everyone that we're, like, boyfriend and girlfriend... Artem and I, we're boyfriend girlfriend."

Artem also gushed over his 35-year-old girlfriend, telling her, "You're strong. You're powerful. You're very independent. You have a career you're so driven about. And you're just, like, an amazing human being, you know?"

Back in May, ET's Keltie Knight caught up with Nikki and she had some kind words for her beau. "He's amazing," Nikki raved. "He makes me really happy, which is good."  

Watch the video below for more on the couple.