Nina Ali Announces Exit From 'Real Housewives of Dubai' After 1 Season

Nina Ali
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Ali announced her departure from the Bravo series on Instagram Monday.

Nina Ali is stepping away from The Real Housewives of Dubai after just one season. Ali announced her exit on Instagram Monday, citing "new challenges" in her life as her reason for leaving the show.

"It was an honor to be a part of the debut season of 'The Real Housewives of Dubai,' and to help @bravotv bring this beloved franchise to the city I call home. I’m grateful to the network, Andy Cohen, and the team at Truly Original for welcoming me into this extended family and for embracing the diversity of riches Dubai has to offer," Ali began. "2023 has already brought many exciting opportunities my way, including an emerging new business, new home and new adventures, so for now I’ll be moving my attention away from the show to allow myself the space to focus on new challenges."

"I wish my fellow Housewives all the best moving forward. I’ll be cheering you on! ♥️💫," she added.

Ali was met with well wishes in the comment from her Bravo family, including castmate Caroline Brooks, who wrote, "If I try to put into words how much I love and care about you it will take a lifetime. My Ninzzzzz ♥️," and Bravo, which showed it support for the TV personality by leaving behind a red heart emoji.

Ali, an original member of the show, which debuted its inaugural season last year, spoke to ET ahead of season 1's premiere about what the United Arab Emirates thinks of the Real Housewives franchise.

"This is a first to the region," Ali shared in May. "So, I think a lot of people -- the ones that know Housewives understand it, and the ones that don't, there's this misconception that the Housewives of Dubai means that literally, housewives sitting at home, ironing and cooking and going to Waitrose down the street, but it's not."

She continued, "I think that's where some of the misconceptions comes, 'cause here they are, they see six very successful women on their screen and they're like, 'That's not a housewife, I know she has a business and I know this.' So, I think that a lot of people will actually be surprised when they do finally see the show and realize, 'Guys, we're not, like, literally housewives.'"

The Lebanon-born, Texas-raised lifestyle content creator, who's lived in Dubai for more than a decade, showcased her life on the series, alongside her husband, Munaf, and their three children.

As for what she hoped viewers would be able to take from the series, Ali told ET that Dubai is just like many of the cities in the Real Housewives universe -- with a little something extra added.

 "We're living like you're living, but a little bit more, a little bit extra," Ali said. 

The Real Housewives of Dubai season 1 is available to stream on Peacock.