Normani Shares Her Mother’s Cancer Has Returned in Touching Instagram Post

Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic

The singer took to social media to share her support for her mom.

Normani is sharing her love and support for her mom. The singer revealed to her fans on Sunday that her mother, Andrea Hamilton, is battling cancer.

Hamilton first shared the news that her cancer has since returned earlier in the day when she posted a photo of her hand holding a rosary.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me🙏🏾," Hamilton captioned the post. "I did it once and I’ll do it again! #CancerWho"

Shortly after, Normani posted a screenshot of her mother's post to her Instagram story, adding, "We got this mommy."


Normani also commented supportively under her mother's Instagram post, calling her a "warrior" and "the strongest woman that I know."

In October 2017, Normani spoke with ET about her mother's cancer battle, and shared how she was only five years old when Hamilton was first diagnosed.

"I was a bit confused and didn't really comprehend because I was so young," Normani said. "I remember my grandmother mentioned my mom was sick. She was actually the first person who tried to break it down for me, but I didn't fully understand."

"Any time I heard my mom was sick, I thought it was the sickness that I got, like a cold, or my mom's just not feeling well," she continued. "I didn't understand the severity of breast cancer until my mom was getting her head shaved by my dad because her hair was falling out... then we understood what it was. It became real once I saw my mom in a different state."

However, Normani said it was also her mother who "carried us through that time."

"It was amazing to see even her at her lowest point have strength for her family," she recalled. "It carried us through a tough situation, because if she hadn't been strong for us, we probably wouldn't have been able to have been as strong for her."