North West Crashes Kim Kardashian's Quarantine PSA

The 6-year-old made her mom's California PSA extremely challenging.

Kim Kardashian West has never been more relatable! The 39-year-old reality star and businesswoman has been adjusting to life with her four kids in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom shared a recorded PSA from Kim in which she tried to encourage fellow Californians to stay home. 

Kim's efforts were thwarted by her eldest daughter, North West, crashed the one-minute video, much to her mother's frustrations. 

As Kim urges Californians to stay home, North whispers off camera, "I went out!" 

"You went outside in your backyard and that's totally fine," Kim explains to her daughter. 

As the video continues, Kim begs North, "Can you not jump on the bed? Give me like two seconds to seriously do this!" 

Though she and North have some fun, Kim insists, "Trust me, I want to get out more than you know," as her 6-year-old child pokes her. 

When she adds that it's important to do "mental health checks" on friends and loved ones, North shouts, "You should be more busy [with] your kids, not your friends!" 

Kim laughs, replying, "Facts."  

This isn't the first time North has barged in on her mom while she's recording. Kim also got annoyed with her daughter when she tried to film a makeup tutorial last week.

At the time, Kim declared, "I'm hiding in the guest room, you guys. I'm hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone."

"Hey, that's mean!" North shouted from the other room. 

Check out the funny mother-daughter moment below!