'Ocean's 8' Cast Reveals Why Sandra Bullock Had Them Get Rid of Their Group Text (Exclusive)

Rumors of the text chain's demise first sparked during Rihanna's interview with ET earlier this month.

For a while, all anybody was talking about was the Ocean's 8 cast's group text -- but now we'll never see those messages. 

The text chain is no longer, as Sandra Bullock told ET's Nischelle Turner during our sit-down interview on Wednesday. "Now we're worried about being hacked!" revealed the 53-year-old actress, who plays the heist crew's ringleader, Debbie Ocean, in the film. "Last night, we read through all our texts to each other. 'Remember that moment and delete!'" 

"Sandy made us delete them all!" Awkwafina added. "They no longer exist." 

"Now it's lip reading and telepathy," Cate Blanchett cracked.  

Rumors of the group chat's demise first sparked during Rihanna's interview with ET earlier this month, when she revealed that the group had been a little light on conversation lately -- and considered whether she had been kicked out. The 30-year-old singer wasn't able to make the Ocean's 8 junket with her co-stars, but as Sarah Paulson jokingly confirmed, they're all in touch through telepathy. 

"Sandy is actually speaking to me right now. Give me a second," Sarah Paulson told ET in an interview with Mindy Kaling and Anne Hathaway. 

"Is she talking about me?" Hathaway asked.

"She is, yeah," Paulson cracked. "She has something she wants me to tell you."

The ladies clearly have a lot more fun to be had, and while hackers are a concern, they might just take some chances. 

"We may or may not have another one somewhere," Paulson teased. "[Somewhere] in the universe at some point." 

Ocean's 8 hits theaters on June 8. See more on the film in the video below.