Octavia Spencer Searches for Justice in First Look at Crime Thriller 'Truth Be Told'

Octavia Spencer

See the promo for AppleTV+'s chilling new mystery series.

A chilling new show has dropped its first trailer, teasing an insidious mystery.

On Thursday, AppleTV+ released the first look at Truth Be Told, which follows Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer), a relentless investigative reporter who is having doubts about her role in incriminating a man who was convicted of murdering the father of a pair of identical twins.

Poppy had presented her case on her true crime podcast. However, after Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), the man she helped condemn to a life behind bars, proclaimed that he'd been framed in the crime, Poppy is second-guessing her evidence.

"Eighteen years, 10 months, 24 days, that's how long Warren Cave has sat in prison for the murder of Chuck Buhrman," Poppy states in the voice-over. "I helped seal Warren's fate with a series of articles, but is there an innocent man in prison? And did I lead that charge? …How could a mother and two daughters sleep through such a violent encounter? And they never recovered the murder weapon."

The new promo includes a number of poignant and cryptic images from the show, including Poppy sitting down with Warren in prison, the twins, Josie and Lanie Buhrman (Lizzy Caplan), attending a funeral as adults and a car flipping on a windy hillside road.

At the end of the clip, Warren solemnly states, "People will get their show."

The new 10-episode series is based on the novel Are You Sleeping by Katherine Barber. The show is just one of several Apple is lining up for the months ahead. Head here to see much more, including the trailer for The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Truth Be Told will premiere on Dec. 6 on AppleTV+.