Olivia Newton-John Reveals She's Battling Cancer for a Third Time

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Olivia Newton-John is battling cancer for a third time.

The 69-year-old Grease star revealed during the Australian news program Sunday Night that she's in recovery again for the disease after doctors recently discovered a tumor at the base of her spine.

"I'm one of millions in this fight, in this journey," Newton-John says. "A lot of people see it as a fight and wherever you choose to see it, that’s your prerogative. ... I see it as part of my mission, maybe."

"There are other people out there doing much, much worse than me," she adds. "And I'm very a privileged person and I'm very aware of that. I have nothing to really complain about."

The actress credits her husband, John Easterling, for being her No. 1 support system throughout this tumultuous time. While she is trying to stay positive amid the health scare, she admits there are times where she feels fear.

"I'd be lying if it said I never go there, there are moments, I'm human," she explains. "So if I allow myself to go there, I could easily create a big fear, but my husband's always there, and he’s always there to support me and I believe I will win over it, and that's my goal."

Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She beat the disease after months of chemotherapy treatments and a partial mastectomy but revealed in May 2017 that the breast cancer had returned, spreading to her shoulder.

She says that this time around, she is treating the cancer with modern medicines and natural remedies, like radiation treatments, cannabis oil for the pain and a diet that refrains from any sugar.

"[My husband] makes me tinctures and they help with pain, they help with sleep, so I'm very lucky that I live in a state where [cannabis] is legal and that I have a husband that is a plant medicine man. How lucky is that?"

ET exclusively spoke with Newton-John in February, where she opened up about battling cancer a second time.

"I've been great," she said at the time. "Yeah, I feel really good."

"I feel so fortunate to have had the success I've had, and to do the wonderful things I do," she continued. 

Hear more in the video below.


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