Olivia Ponton Addresses Harry Jowsey and Nate Wyatt Romance Rumors (Exclusive)

The TikTok star is clearing up all the rumors!

Olivia Ponton is opening up about the men in her life. ET's Katie Krause spoke with the 18-year-old TikTok star, who dished about her split with Kio Cyr, addressed the romance rumors surrounding her and Too Hot to Handle's Harry Jowsey, and got real about what's going on with her and Nate Wyatt.

Starting with Cyr, Ponton said that while she "loved him" and thinks he's "amazing," she wouldn't consider getting back together with him.

"Being so young and going through all of it at once, I was like, 'Whoa! This is a lot to take,'" she explained. "He was my first boyfriend too. It was a lot to take in."

Ponton said that she and Cyr "still talk every now and then," but "don't hang out or anything." Now that she and Cyr have split, Ponton is excited for her fans to get to know her in a different way.

"It was definitely interesting to have everyone be so included in our relationship," she said. "I feel like that was a way people definitely got to know me as a person... but now I think people are slowly starting to know me for me."

Since their breakup, relationship rumors have swirled around her and Jowsey, though Ponton said there's no truth to the speculation.

"I love Harry, but we are not like that. We're just friends. We're good together," she said. "... We're just friends."

Other rumors have surrounded her and Wyatt, but Ponton insists that the fellow TikTok star is her roommate and friend, nothing more.

"People ship me with Nate, but he's literally my roommate. There's nothing going on there. We're just friends. He's literally my big brother... He's literally my roommate," she said. "That's why I was with him so much. We're just really good friends in general."

While Ponton said she likes being by herself at the moment, she has thought about what she wants out of her next relationship.

"Respect. If you can make me laugh, I really don't care what you look like. If you can make me laugh to the point where I, like, pee my pants on the first date, it's probably, like, a done deal," she said. "And just being a mamma's boy... Being able to stay in, but also wanting to go out 'cause I'm very introverted, but I also like going to parties and hanging out with people and going to dinners."

Following her quick rise to fame, Ponton has had to deal with negative comments, which is one reason why she wants to keep her next relationship largely off of social media. In general, though, Ponton has learned to look at the negative comments as motivation, rather than being discouraged by them.

"I'm like, 'OK, well, if you have something mean to say, I'm going to go and do it better, so then next time you don’t have anything mean to say,'" she said. "But on the other hand, I really kind of stopped looking at my comment section [and] seeing what people do actually say about me. I've kind of just been trying to get at peace with myself, because I think if you’re at peace with yourself then what other people say about you shouldn't affect the way you feel about yourself."

In addition to learning how to find inner peace, Ponton said that her new fame has taught her that she "can do a lot" on her own. "I think it's an honest blessing, in my point of view, that this did all happen," she said.

Aside from her private life, Ponton's time is largely taken up by the professional things she has in the works. In addition to her modeling aspirations, hopes for a skincare line, and charity work with World Harvest Food Bank and For Ocean, Ponton is hard at work on a collaboration with White Shore Swim.

"They were the first bikini company that actually sent me bikinis when I had 11,000 followers on Instagram. I've kind of been working with them here and there and then the idea came to me [that] I want to have like a bikini line. I was like, 'Oh, maybe I should just start a small collab with somebody,'" she recalled. "So they obviously came to my mind first... They sent me about five or six different designs and were just kind of like, 'Pick whatever design you want and then pick whatever color that you want'... The designs came a few weeks later and they were pretty much all ready, so it was awesome."

Additionally, she collaborated on an "empowering and overall pretty positive" clothing line with iamkoko.la and has a new line of "super cute" merch in the works. Now that she's gotten her design juices flowing, Ponton can't wait to continue on that track.

"As soon as I got a little taste of what it felt like, I was like, 'Oh my god, I want to be doing this,'" she said.

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