Omarion Sets the Record Straight About Omicron Jokes: 'I Am an Artist, Not a Variant'

The singer makes it clear that he is not to be confused with the latest COVID-19 variant.

Omarion has a special message for anyone who may be confusing him with the latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron. The 37-year-old singer appeared in a series of funny TikTok videos to clear up any confusion.

“Hi everybody, this is Omarion. I am an artist, not a variant,” he said before looking directly into the camera. "So please be aware that if you just so happen to run into me on the street, you don’t have to isolate for five days, nor do you have to have a negative test result in order to dance to my music."

Omarion continued with a giggle, “So please, be safe. Be healthy. Happy New Year.”  

In another video, the singer’s hit song, “Touch,” plays as he explains once again that it’s “Omarion the entertainer, not the variant.” The former B2K member references the single, noting that "it’s important not to touch me and to keep your distance” because “that’s how it’s post to be,” but it’s still safe to dance to his music no matter your COVID-19 results.

In a third video, which aired during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special, the You Got Served star reads the message again, this time as a statement from his lawyers. “I’ve been getting a lot of DMs,” he shared, before wishing the audience at home a happy and safe new year.  

One of those many direct messages came from Atlanta star LaKeith Stanfield. Last month, the actor posted a screenshot of a DM he sent the singer over the holiday season. “I’m weak. I wonder if he’s guna respond,” he captioned the since-deleted post. The screenshot showed a message Stanfield sent to Omarion that read, “You ruining Christmas for everybody. Smh.”  

Although social media has made light of the COVID-19 variant name, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has noted that the Omicron variant spreads “more easily” than the variants that have come before it. The CDC also recommends vaccinations, masks and testing as main tools to fight against all forms of COVID-19.