'Once Upon a Time' Season 7: Colin O'Donoghue Dishes on Hook's New Identity and If Robin Hood Could Return!

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So long, Storybrooke and hello, Hyperion Heights!

Once Upon a Time is getting a magical makeover in tonight's season seven premiere. Not only is the ABC drama series introducing a spellbinding amount of new characters and taking a major time-jump into the future, Once is also issuing new identities to its short list of returning castmembers.

"It's good! It's different and it's interesting," star Colin O'Donoghue confessed to our cameras when asked about his newly rebooted role as Officer Rogers on Once Upon a Time.

ET caught up with O'Donoghue -- who looked dashing in his new hook-less uniform -- on the brand-new Hyperion Heights police station set in Vancouver, Canada.

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Once Upon a Time Colin O'Donoghue

"He's a slightly different version of Hook," the actor continued. "I've never had a cursed identity on the show, so it was interesting to play Hook who doesn’t realize that he's Captain Hook and doesn’t have all of that and what that entails. And, obviously, it's different now with the cast changes, so it's been a sort of fascinating experience so far."

As one of the few OGMCs, (that’s original magical characters, natch) left this season on Once Upon a Time, O'Donoghue revealed that it's been "fantastic" to welcome so many fresh faces to the long-running series.

"They've all been incredible additions to the cast," he said. "What's great about it is we get to sort of interact with a whole new different world of characters, which I think is fascinating. I think it's great for the show to sort of move off in that direction and sort of open itself up to that."

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But that doesn’t mean that O'Donoghue doesn’t miss his old co-stars! The on-screen pirate dished that he would love to welcome his real-life friend Sean Maguire to Hyperion Heights for a Robin Hood reunion.

"I'd be delighted if Robin Hood showed up in Hyperion Heights," he admitted. "I don’t know if that's going to happen or not, but we'll see. It'd be great."

"Fingers crossed," he added with a smile.

When asked how he thinks Officer Rogers would react to Robin Hood's introduction, O'Donoghue was quick with his response. "I mean, I'd have to arrest him. He's a thief," he quipped. "But I'd like to see them work together on something."

Once Upon a Time premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.