'Once Upon a Time' Season 7: Jennifer Morrison Returns! Watch Emma & Killian's Kiss-Filled Scene (Exclusive)

Only ET has your exclusive first look at Jennifer Morrison's highly anticipated 'Once Upon a Time' homecoming!

This is it, Oncers!

When Jennifer Morrison announced in May that she would be leaving Once Upon a Time as a series regular, the 38-year-old actress revealed that she "agreed to appear in one episode" in the ABC drama's newly rebooted seventh season.

Morrison will make her return as Emma Swan in episode 702, airing next Friday, Oct. 13 -- and ET has your first look at the highly anticipated homecoming!

(We hope you're all fully freaking out because this one is definitely worth the wait.)

The sneak peek clip, which was first screened for the crowd at the Once Upon a Time panel at New Your Comic-Con on Friday, takes place "years ago" in Storybrooke.

The scene opens with swashbuckling sword fight between Killian (Colin O'Donoghue) and a teenage Henry (Jared Gilmore) aboard the Jolly Roger. It's an epic action fight that's giving us all the stepfather/son feels between Killian and Henry that we could ever want.

"Always watch the blade, I've got it," Henry says cockily as he has Killian on the ropes -- literally.

"Wow! I'm impressed," Emma beams proudly at her son. "You fight like your grandfather."

(Gasp! We weren't ready for Emma's return, Killian/Henry bonding and a Charming family reference all in one scene. Be still our Storybrooke-loving hearts!)

All of the sudden, Killian takes advantage of Henry's motherly distraction and quickly flips the battle in his favor. "Like I told you," the pirate warns. "Always keep your eye on the blade."

As Henry storms off, Emma confides to Killian that she's worried that her son is going to leave home soon and she's not ready to say goodbye just yet. Luckily for Emma, Killian has the perfect solution for his worried wife. 

"It's a little bottle of magic," he explains. "You speak your message in here, add the name of your favorite pirate, drop it in the water and before you can say, 'Yo-ho-ho,' you'll find the person you seek." Hmm… that's definitely going to come in handy.

"A message in a bottle. Thank you," Emma says after giving her husband a grateful kiss.

"He's grown into a fine young lad," Killian reassures her. "And he is lucky to have a mother like you."

"He's lucky to have a pirate like you," she counters.

Once Upon a Time's seventh season premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC and Emma Swan makes her grand return in episode 702 next Friday on Oct. 13.

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Plus, who else loved the shot of Emma's wedding ring glinting in the light right as she kissed Killian? We sure did! So press play on the video below for a look back at Emma and Killian's magically musical wedding…