'OnlyFans: Selling Sexy' ABC Special Explores the Voyeuristic and Profit-Making World of the Online Platform

'OnlyFans: Selling Sexy'

The ABC News Originals doc explores the meteoric rise of the adult online video platform.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and widespread quarantine mandates, OnlyFans has had a meteoric rise to fame and infamy in the popular consciousness. Now, the upcoming documentary OnlyFans: Selling Sexy is looking behind the scenes at the adult online platform.

Considered by many to be akin to Instagram for pornography, OnlyFans has become a profit-making resource for amateur and professional adult entertainers alike. For many struggling with financial toll taken by the pandemic, it has also become a lifeline for some people to make ends meet.

This revealing ABC News Originals special examines the voyeuristic and often lucrative world of the platform, and brings viewers into the bedrooms of several content creators as they navigate the complexities of the platform as their new sources of income.

The special looks at the impact -- both positive and detrimental -- that's been had by mainstream celebrities joining the platform, as well as the social stigma that has followed content creators in the public eye.

According to an ABC News Originals release, the special -- which features interviews with sex and relationship experts, sex educators, content creators and comedians Nikki Glaser and Donnell Rawlings -- will "unpack the ways in which OnlyFans and its mysterious founder may be changing the world of online sex-work -- for both good and bad -- forever."

OnlyFans: Selling Sexy debuts Wednesday, Feb. 10, exclusively on Hulu.