'Oppenheimer' Actor and Former NHL Star Sean Avery Facing Restraining Order Amid Abuse Allegations

Sean Avery and Hilary Rhoda
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The 'Oppenheimer' actor and former NHL star is facing domestic and child abuse allegations.

Sean Avery is still under a restraining order. Earlier this month, a court ruled that Hilary Rhoda's temporary restraining order against her 43-year-old husband will remain in effect, ET confirms.

Rhoda, 36, filed for divorce from Avery, a former NHL player, in July 2022. The model's temporary restraining order against Avery, which prevents the Oppenheimer actor from coming in contact with her and their nearly 3-year-old son, Nash, was first granted last October.

It will now remain in effect until the next hearing in their court case, which is scheduled for Sept. 11.

ET has reached out to Avery and Rhoda's lawyers for comment.

In the 2022 court docs, which were obtained by ET, Rhoda accused her husband, whom she wed in 2015, of both domestic and child abuse. 

Rhoda began by detailing an alleged September 2022 incident when Avery was arrested for domestic battery. She alleges that Avery "entered my house (even though I asked him not to), climbed in bed with me (twice) and wouldn't leave. He grabbed me by the arms and shook me, twice. I was very scared for my safety and called the police."

Since then, Rhoda claimed that Avery had been walking past her house "several times a day."

"I am scared of Sean," the docs read, "and feel threatened by this behavior and his acts of physical violence."

Rhoda additionally alleged, "Sean also yells, swears, and name-calls on a constant basis. He follows me, trying to get me to engage. He has engaged in many instances of physical abuse against me and against third parties. Sean has also been physically and emotionally abusive to our son, Nash."

As for the latter allegation, Rhoda detailed an incident that she claims happened in June 2022.

"Sean became irritated that our son woke up sick in the middle of the night. He screamed at me (in front of Nash) to go get Nash's 'f**king medicine,' and then aggressively punched the wall in Nash's bedroom and then punched our bedroom door. (Nash witnessed this and was scared and grabbing on to me)," Rhoda claims. "Sean then followed me to the kitchen, and as I was trying to get Nash's medicine, he ripped the cabinet door open -- slamming my finger between the open cabinet and the wall. I was petrified of Sean and his physical and aggressive behavior."

She additionally alleged that, the next month, Avery "body slammed Nash on his changing table," which she claimed left the toddler "so afraid" that "he cried uncontrollably and couldn't catch his breath."

"Sean has screamed at Nash," she alleged. "Sean has purposefully endangered Nash by not putting him in his car seat properly; driving erratically; putting Nash in the front seat (without a car seat); smoking marijuana and then immediately driving with him; leaving his marijuana and cigarettes on the ground for Nash to access."

Shortly thereafter, Rhoda informed Avery that she planned to file for divorce. She alleged that he responded that he would "kill himself," and then sent her a text message that read, "I don't think I'll make it thru this [with a broken heart emoji]." After she went through with her divorce filing, Rhoda alleged that Avery told her they were going to "war" and said he would "destroy" her.

It was around that same time, Rhoda alleged, that Avery "admitted to me he was addicted to oxycontin, and he blamed his addiction as the reason for all of his 'bad behavior.'" He was previously arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance in 2015.

"I am afraid for my safety and our child's safety, and I need protection. Over the years, I have tried to appease Sean, naively hoping he would change," Rhoda wrote in the docs. "... I now realize that I need to take this step and obtain an order protecting me and Nash from Sean's dangerous and abusive behavior."