Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King Reunite for the First Time Since Quarantine

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The pair remained socially distanced as King arrived at Winfrey's estate, where she'll be staying isolated in the guesthouse.

The besties are back together -- almost. For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak led to shutdowns and quarantines back in March, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King got a chance to see each other in person!

King, who has been self-isolating in New York City, flew out to California to reconnect with her best friend. The pair said hello face to face -- albeit from quite a few feet away and wearing masks -- as King was driven by Winfrey's house.

In a clip posted to Instagram by Oprah Magazine, King waves to Winfrey from the SUV that picked her up from the airport. King and her team will be quarantining for two weeks in Winfrey's guesthouse before getting to reunite without all the social distancing restrictions.

The pair smiled and chatted briefly, with Winfrey telling King that they "left you food in the refrigerator!"

"After three months of being quarantined in NYC, @gayleking has made it safely to @oprah’s in California! (Lady O has also quarantined in her home since March.) But the besties are still obeying social distancing rules with their masks, a distance of more than six feet apart, and testing," Oprah Magazine captioned the cute clip. "Happy to see these two reunited ???."

Winfrey previously brought up the idea of King coming out to join her in California back in May, during the Zoom quarantine webinar "WW Presents Oprah's Your Life in Focus: A Vision Forward."

"You'd have to be quarantined for 14 days, now. We'd put you in the guesthouse," Winfrey told King at the time.

"Oh, I know, I saw Stedman," King replied, referring to Winfrey's longtime partner, Stedman Graham, who was relegated to the guesthouse in March for two weeks after traveling for work. "I'm actually gonna call Stedman and get some tips on how to get through quarantine."

King also talked to ET's Kevin Frazier earlier this month about wanting to come out and tape her remote news segments from Oprah's guesthouse, since nearly no one is recording in studios due to the shutdowns.

"My favorite son is in California, favorite daughter is in California, Oprah's in California. It’s been very difficult. The people I'm closest with live there," she shared. "I said to Oprah the other day, 'I have been in my house all the time. What if I came to you and did the news from your guest home?' And she said yes! And believe me I am thinking about it."

King went on to say that she is "feeling the wear and tear of the heaviness" of the pandemic, and that's taken a toll on her health, even though she's not sick. "I cannot sleep, I feel a constant state of worry and angst."

Check out the video below to hear more from the celebrated CBS This Morning host.