Oprah Winfrey Harvests the Biggest Quarantine Cabbage We've Ever Seen

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Rachel Luna/Getty Images

'Just. Pulled. From. The. Gaaaarden!'

Oprah Winfrey's latest harvest needs to be seen to be believed. 

The media mogul took to Instagram on Thursday to show off the supersized cabbage she just harvested from her garden -- and it is truly enormous. 

"Y'all are not going to believe this. This is a cabbage that just came out of my garden. Just. Pulled. From. The. Gaaaarden," Winfrey boasted. 

"I'm telling you, not one chemical used whatsoever, because we don't believe in it around here. Man, this is going to make a lot of good slaw for Memorial Day!" she said. "It's heavy, too. It's heavy!" 

Winfrey captioned her post, "The Lockdown has not stopped green things from growing. I get a lot of joy from gardening. Anyone else enjoy? #HarvestDay." 

Fans couldn't help but praise Winfrey in the comments, with some joking the giant vegetable looks like "something out of A Wrinkle in Time" or Little Shop of Horrors

"This just cured my quarantine sadness," another fan wrote. 

Winfrey has clearly been keeping busy in quarantine. While her cabbage is certainly something to be proud of, Winfrey doesn't have her dream celeb quarantine partner, Bradley Cooper, by her side to admire it. 

On a special Instagram Live edition of their "OG Chronicles" segment on the O, The Oprah Magazine Instagram earlier this month, Winfrey and Gayle King dished on who they'd like to invite to quarantine with them. 

"Bradley Cooper, yeah," Winfrey said. "Bradley and I are good friends and we have really good conversations over texts, we have good conversations over the phone. When we're together, we have great conversations. So, Bradley Cooper."

King had a couple of options. "I would choose The Rock if he wasn't married. But since he is married, that's a non-starter," she said. "But I told you about the interview that I did with Maluma the other day? Maluma, that Latin sensation?"

"It's not a boy, girlfriend kind of thing, but I found him so charming and so endearing and so smart, different than other kids in his class," she continued. "He invited me to Colombia and you know I've always wanted to learn Spanish. So I think quarantining with him and just getting to know him and learn the language, I think would be great. He was a really, really, nice guy. I liked him."

Winfrey then added, "And for me, Bradley, it's not a boy/girl thing either…No disrespect to Stedman [Graham]. He's just so fantastic to talk to."

See more in the video below.