Oprah Winfrey Reveals Her Tour Rider and It’s Not What You’d Expect (Exclusive)

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Oprah Winfrey is ready to share her wisdom with her fans. 

Lady O is all about living your best life and making healthier choices -- and that includes touring around the country and teaching others how to get it done. ET's Rachel Smith was with Winfrey in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she surprised 75 women on a walk on behalf of various organizations, and opened up about her exciting Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life on Focus Tour.

"How do you take this energy of inspiration and people feeling triumphant in their lives? How do you use that to something that's a greater good than just my front porch?" she asked. "And that's how this idea came about. I'll try to spread that word around the country."

Winfrey is ready to hit the road and motivate her audiences to make 2020 their year of wellness and renewal. Her 2020 Vision Tour includes nine stops, with each event having a special celebrity guest, including Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and best friend Gayle King, among others. Noting that "the hardest thing I've ever done is to ask all of these people to come on tour," she was glad they all accepted her invitation. 

So what does Winfrey HAVE to have on tour with her? It might surprise you.

"In every hotel there's going to be sparkling water and avocados, which I try to bring my own," she revealed. "When I'm in the country I bring my own avocados because I grow them. And also it's so much cheaper, because you know what they charge in a hotel for an avocado? It's ridiculous."

"Can never go anywhere without truffle zest. Now they've got hot truffle zest, so I have that," she added. "I always have like oranges and bananas in the room, and that's it. I'm so low maintenance."

Winfrey also shared that her biggest challenge when she's on the road is to "stay on point," explaining that she tries to maintain her exercise and daily routines. "Maintaining that healthy routine when you're on the road [is important], because you know you want to hang out with the crew. You like to have a couple drinks after the show," she said. "No! You have to go to bed, get your sleep and get your rest. So it's staying on track, on point, when you're on the road. It's hard."

Already on her way to empower others, Winfrey is also prepared to achieve new goals for herself in 2020. She no longer has New Year's resolutions, instead she picks one word to define her year.

"My word for this year is purpose," she shared. "You know how you can't even figure out what you did in the year because your life's so full? So now I just go back and I look through my phone. So I was doing that on New Year's Eve, looking through the phone, and I was doing a lot of things, but I wasn't doing a lot of things with purpose. So my thing this year is, don't do anything unless you have an intention and a purpose behind it. Purpose."

Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life on Focus Live on Tour! kicks off Jan. 4 and runs until March 7. Tickets available at ww.com/oprah and Ticketmaster.  

Watch more of our exclusive interview with Winfrey in the video below.


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