Oprah Winfrey Says Photographer Annie Leibovitz Apologized to Her for 3-Handed Photoshop Flub

Oprah Winfrey
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oprah Winfrey couldn't help but laugh when Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that she had three hands in a photo featured in Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue. 

"Are you three handed," the late-night host asked the Wrinkle In Time star on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"I've been trying to keep that a secret all these years," Winfrey quipped. "I was hoping you could accept me as the three-handed woman that I am."

Kimmel responded, "Obviously, it's brought you great powers."

Winfrey admitted that she didn't notice the photoshop flub until people on social media called attention to it. "I mean, [photographer] Annie Leibovitz sent me an apology," she recalled. "It's OK, Annie. It's alright that I have a third hand."

Winfrey has a simple theory as to how she ended up with three hands in the photo. "I think they were moving people around and I got a third hand," she told Kimmel.

Also during her interview on JKL, Winfrey revealed that while she doesn't ever answer her own telephone, she does pay her own bills. So, she's almost just like us!

She also addressed fans insisting that she should make a 2020 presidential bid after her powerful speech at this year's Golden Globe Awards. 

"I was kind of first thrown by it -- it's a humbling thing to have people think that you can run the country, it's a humbling thing," she said. "I'm the kind of person who tries to listen to signs. I think, 'Well, am I supposed to run the country? I don't think so!'"


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