Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's Dog Mighty Is Missing

Orlando Bloom and Mighty
Jacopo Raule/WireImage

Bloom said his heart is 'already broken' as he hopes for the safe return of his beloved pup.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are hoping for their dog Mighty's safe return. Bloom took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal that their beloved pup was missing.

"MIGHTY IS MISSING ?in Montecito California," Bloom captioned a series of photos of the dog. "He is chipped and his collar has a number to call -- if you take him to your local vet or shelter or police station he can be traced back to me for a reward." 

"Please only send REAL INFO," the actor requested of fans. "My heart is already broken so please don’t add insult to injury ?." 

Bloom welcomed Mighty to the family in 2017. He and Perry -- who are expecting their first child together -- are also pet parents to a nearly identical dog, Nugget. 

The actor opened up about how Mighty came into his life in a 2017 interview with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1. 

"My son wanted a very small dog, and this one magicked its way into his life. I didn't pick it. I didn't choose it. I wouldn't necessarily have, but he did, in many ways, because he was like, 'I want a mini dog,' and then there was a mini dog," he explained. "It's a teeny, tiny dog. When I first got it, it was the size of this cup of tea. It was tiny, teeny, and I was worried its was going to... but now he's got a bit more about him. He's about the size of my shoe -- two shoes. He's about a pound a half." 

"I'm obsessed. I've started to Instagram -- I just do stories of the dog the whole time," Bloom added, joking, "I think it roughens my masculine edges." 

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