'Outer Banks' Stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline Break Down That Finale and Tease Season 2 (Exclusive)

‘Outer Banks’ stars break down the season one finale of their new Netflix show and tease season two.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched season 1 of Netflix's Outer Banks. If you have, it is safe to continue...

The first season of Netflix's latest YA drama, Outer Banks, is now streaming. Like we've been saying, it's a little bit Goonies mixed with Dawson's Creek and a splash of The O.C... and it's set in, well, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

If you enjoyed the super binge-able 10-episode series, you've come to the right place.  Stars Chase Stokes (John B.) and Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron) are breaking down the insane finale and giving us a glimpse at what could come with a possible season two.  

Of course, things ended with John B. and Sarah fighting for their lives in the middle of the ocean as police searched them out. While JJ's (Rudy Pankow) dad's boat didn't make it, the pair did -- only no one back home knows it... yet.  And for now, the teenage runaways are boating off to the Bahamas (and the GOLD!) thanks to their rescuer, Captain Morris.

"It worked. It totally worked," Stokes told ET of the finale during a Zoom call.

"I mean, it's cool because depending on what happens, it leaves the entire world of Outer Banks to what could happen next. Which is fun, not just for us as actors who had the opportunity to kind of explore what could be... but now we know where the gold is, so I think it's an exciting time to give it to the world and say what are John B. and Sarah really going to get into now. We thought it was dark and dirty then but it's gonna get real," Stokes says.

In the final moments of the finale, the pair had the option to let their loved ones know they were OK but opted not to, and Stokes said there's a reason for that. 

"Yeah, I think our first reaction is because we have no idea what's going on in the world back there. What we're potentially getting ourselves into..." Stokes starts to explain.  

"And then if we expose ourselves to this captain, all of a sudden there's a bounty on my head. So, you have to remember that in any shape, way or form, anybody who wants money is gonna look at that like, 'Uh huh, these two kids are kind of sweet but a little bit of extra cash sounds a little bit better than having two kids on my boat.'" he adds. "So, I think for us it's more like we want to [call them] but the reality of the stakes and staying alive and staying innocent until John B. finds a way to prove himself innocent in this entire thing... he's got to remain anonymous until he gets some sort of resolution." 

Makes sense. As for the state of the Cameron family, that's a whole other situation. John B. outed Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) via boat radio while communicating with police amid their high seas getaway, letting everyone listening know Ward killed his father. Obviously, this all puts Sarah in a pretty prickly position. 

"That's one of my big questions, what's going to happen with the Camerons?" says Cline, who has been quarantining with Stokes and a few other castmates and friends amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"All of these puppet strings Ward has kind of been playing are now coming loose and he doesn't really have control over his world anymore," she says. "I feel like there definitely will be consequences for Ward or Rafe, so that will be interesting to see how that plays out." 

As for whether there's a chance for a reconciliation between Sarah and her dad and brother, Cline isn't so sure.

"I think as far as her relationship with Ward, I don't think..." Cline says. "Personally, I would like there to be some sort of confrontation. What I love about Sarah, especially in season one, you kind of see her come into her own and kind of find her voice and come out from under the umbrella her dad has kind of created... so I would love to have some sort of confrontation with Ward."  

"But I feel even though she has chosen John B., I know there's a part of Sarah that still loves [Ward] very deeply and still does want to protect him, but she's very much aware that he's not the person that he's made himself out to be," she adds. 

As for where John B. and Sarah's romance stands, both Stokes and Cline have a lot of questions about what's next for the dynamic duo.

"Obviously, we have these two kids who have completely uprooted their life in a place they would never imagine stuff would happen, so are they gonna come back? Am I still a felon? Am I a convicted murder?" Stokes questions.  

"It's beyond the murder at this point. I stole a police car, I assaulted people. I've evaded arrest... She's an accomplice. One charge is one thing but we're looking at a vast majority of different things that happened over the span of this first season... I mean, I can't run forever," he says. 

Both actors are also quick to acknowledge their on-screen romance is very new. 

"I mean, when you look at the timeline, they've only really been together for, like, a week," Cline says. "So, you have these two kids who are obviously madly in love with each other and they're headed to the Bahamas... It feels like there's this great opportunity to show the honeymoon phase of this."  

"You know, this relationship where they run away from home and they're in this vacation destination and everything seems fine, and then all of a sudden just like, the drama hits... everything catches up to them," she adds. "I think they are definitely gonna go through some challenges." 

For more on what Stokes and Cline told ET about season two, check out the video above. 

Outer Banks season one is now streaming on Netflix. 



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