'Overboard' Cast Says They're 'Scared' to Show the Remake to Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (Exclusive)

Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez star in the film, in theaters Friday.

Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez bring the laughs in the Overboard remake -- but there are two people whose reviews they're still waiting to hear. 

Only ET sat down with the film's cast -- inlcuding Faris, Derbez, Eva Longoria and Mel Rodriguez -- for an exclusive roundtable, where they revealed that they're "scared" to even show the movie to original stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. 

"I'm scared. Honestly, I'm scared!" Derbez told ET's Carly Steel. "No, we haven't [shown it to them yet]." 

Faris, who proudly revealed her love for the 1987 hit, was a little more gung-ho. "Let's knock on the door tonight!" she joked. 

Faris plays a take on Russell's character in the remake, while Derbez stars as a version of Hawn's.

"The role reversal actually makes more sense now," explained Longoria, who plays Faris' best friend in the movie. "If you think back to the original, you're like, 'Wait, a guy kidnaps a woman [and] makes her work?' This is a little more accepting, because it's the guy. Of course he's going to do hard labor in the house. He should!"

"This man who has everything somehow finds reward in having a family and what money can't buy," Faris added. "God, that was good. I didn't even practice that!...I hope it satisfies fans of the original, and I hope that it makes people happy."

Overboard hits theaters on Friday. Watch the cast play a game of Match Game in the video player above. 

ET was with Hawn at the premiere of her film, Snatched, last year, where she teared up recalling memories from filming Overboard with Russell. 

"You know, making that movie was magical because Kurt and I just had a baby and Wyatt had his first steps on that movie," she said. "I can't explain the experience of being with your family and being in love, having a new baby, and making that movie. And so that's pretty much why I get emotional."

See more in the video below.