Ozzy Osbourne Says One of His Biggest Regrets Is Cheating on Sharon Osbourne

Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

The rockstar says he's 'pissed' at himself for breaking his wife's heart.

Ozzy Osbourne has done many wild things in his life, but there's only one he absolutely regrets. The 71-year-old rock star gets candid about cheating on wife Sharon Osbourne, and how he was "pissed" at himself for breaking her heart.

"I’ve done some pretty outrageous things in my life,” Ozzy tells British GQ in their Men of the Year issue published on Thursday. "I regret cheating on my wife. I don’t do it anymore. I got my reality check and I’m lucky she didn’t leave me. I’m not proud of that."

"I was pissed off with myself. But I broke her heart," he expresses. Ozzy and Sharon got married in 1982. They briefly split in 2016 after reports of Ozzy's infidelity. They share three children, Aimee, 37, Kelly, 36, and Jack, 35.

Meanwhile, 2020 has been a year of reflection for Ozzy. In January, he revealed he was diagnosed with Parkin 2, a rare form of Parkinson’s disease. He was also recovering from a spinal surgery he underwent last year.

"I've done a lot of reflecting during this lockdown," Ozzy told the magazine, adding, "I’ve been thinking of my childhood, thinking about what a fantastic life I’ve had."

"The surgery I had knocked the crap out of me. But I broke my neck in a quad bike accident [in 2003] and when that healed it squeezed my spinal column, so I was getting all kinds of weird things happening to me," he recalls. "I’d be on stage and I’d suddenly get a sharp shock down one side of my body. Then one night 18 months ago I went to the bathroom in the dark and just hit the ground. I said, 'Sharon, I’m on the floor,' and she said, 'Well, get up then!' But I couldn’t."

"Once you’re 70, the floodgates open and everything goes downhill. Mind you, I’ve got away with it for a long time," he notes.

ET spoke with Ozzy and Sharon in September, where they reflected on the ups and downs of their decades-long romance.

"Both of us were two odd balls that met," recalled Sharon. "After so long and so much that we've gone through to keep this family together, you do become a soulmate. You do become codependent on each other. You don't wanna go anywhere without each other or do anything without each other."

"The thought of not being with him is just unthinkable," she continued. "As the years go on you just get closer. When a romance first starts it's lust, and it's love, and it's everything -- s**ts and giggles. It's a different love. As you get older and things change in your lives, it just becomes a different love."

Hear more of what they shared in the video below.