Padma Lakshmi Responds to Critics Commenting on Her Going Braless in Quarantine by Wearing 2 Bras

Padma Lakshmi
Gotham/Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi had the perfect response to those criticizing her look while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Top Chef host has been sharing photos and videos of her and her 10-year-old daughter, Krishna, in the kitchen, but not all her Instagram followers are commenting on the food. 

On Monday, Lakshmi posted a video of herself preparing lasagna with white ragu, and noted that she was wearing two bras after receiving some criticism for an earlier post where she appeared braless. 

"I got some comments last time that it was immoral for me to not wear a bra in my own kitchen during the quarantine," she captioned the video of herself wearing comfy pants and what appears to be two sports bras. "So those people should be happy to note that I’m wearing two today ?) But seriously, let’s not police women’s bodies in 2020, OK?"

The 49-year-old TV personality received some love from her fans for calling out her critics. "Ridiculous people find the need to even make such comments. I enjoy all your videos, and outfits!!" one commenter posted. 

"I’m sorry, what now? Two bras?! Now *that’s* immoral ?," another fan quipped.

Further standing up for Lakshmi, one of her Instagram followers wrote: "@padmalakshmi you wear or don’t wear as many bras as you want wherever you want."

The video where Lakshmi appears to be braless is a tutorial of her preparing chicken tagine with her daughter that she posted over the weekend. 

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