Pamela Anderson Says the 'Pam & Tommy' Series Gives Her 'Nightmares'

Pamela Anderson is opening up in her new Netflix documentary, 'Pamela, A Love Story.'

Pamela Anderson is speaking out -- and reclaiming her story -- with the new documentary, Pamela, a love story. Now streaming on Netflix, the nearly two-hour film sees "one of the world's most famous blonde bombshells" addressing various highs and lows in her career and personal life, including how she feels about Pam & Tommy, the Emmy-winning Hulu series about her and ex-husband Tommy Lee

"It really gives me nightmares," Anderson says in the film, after her sons, Dylan and Brandon, reveal that there is "a TV show coming out about [their] parents and the stolen tape." 

She adds, "I have no desire to watch it. I never watched the tape, I'm never going to watch this."

The "tape" or "stolen tape" is how Anderson refers to the home videos that she and her then-husband recorded at the beginning of their three-year marriage before someone on the construction crew working at their home stole them and sold them as a sex tape. 

"What they did is they found all the nudity they could from different Hi8 tapes, and they spliced it together," Anderson says of the footage, making clear that "[they] didn't make a sex tape." 

Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in Hulu's 'Pam & Tommy.' - Erin Simkin/Hulu

Released on Hulu in 2022, the eight-part series starring Lily James as Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Lee was based on the 2014 Rolling Stone article, "Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World's Most Infamous Sex Tape," by Amanda Chicago Lewis, with Seth Rogen portraying the man who initially stole the couple's safe containing many of their most prized personal items. 

At the time, a source told ET that the series "has been very painful" for Anderson, adding that it was made "without her approval." 

"Why bring something up from 20 years ago that you know f**ked someone up?" Dylan says to the camera in the Netflix documentary. "The worst part of her life and making a semi-comedy out of it didn't make sense."

Later, Anderson says, "They should have had my permission" to make the series, explaining that "nobody really knows what we were going through at the time." 

Eventually, Brandon calls to tell his mother about the first three episodes, which debuted Feb. 2, 2022. "This just feels really weird," she says in response. 

"I blocked that out of my life. I had to in order to survive, really," says Anderson, who is actively preparing to make her Broadway debut in Chicago a month later and is visibly rattled by what her son told her. "It was a survival mechanism. And now that it's all coming up again, I feel sick… My stomach feels right now like it's just been punched. I don't feel good right now."

She adds, "This feels like when the tape was stolen. Basically, you're just a thing owned by the world, like you belong to the world."  

Pamela, a love story is now streaming on Netflix.



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