Paris Hilton Shares Throwback Photos at 18 Following Alleged Boarding School Abuse

Paris Hilton
Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

The heiress recalled an alleged traumatizing boarding school ordeal in her recent documentary.

Paris Hilton is continuing to shed light on what she claims was an abusive experience she had as a teenager while enrolled at a boarding school. The 39-year-old DJ and heiress shared some throwback photos of herself at 18 after coming home from the Provo Canyon School. 

"These photos were taken when I was 18 and had recently came home from the horrible experiences I went through at #ProvoCanyonSchool. I can see the pain in my eyes," Hilton wrote. "I was so traumatized that I pretended everything was okay, trying to block out the painful memories. Looking at this now, I know that the teen me would be so incredibly proud of the woman I am today. Being brave and using my voice to make a difference and save children from having to endure the abuse myself and so many others have had to go through. #iSeeYouSurvivor #BreakingCodeSilence 🙌"

Hilton also appeared in a webinar with the American Bar Association and Breaking Code Silence, discussing the lasting effects of her time at the school. 

"I have severe post traumatic stress disorder. I have insomnia. I have nightmares that seem so real," Hilton shared. "I have trust issues, depression, a lot of issues that all stem from that."

Hilton previously documented the incident in her 2020 documentary, This Is Paris, claiming her time at the school was "torture." 

“The staff would say terrible things. They were constantly making me feel bad about myself and bullying me," Hilton said. "I think it was their goal to break us down. And they were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us. They wanted to instill fear in the kids so we’d be too scared to disobey them.”

Following the allegations, People reached out to the school for comment and received this response: “Originally opened in 1971, Provo Canyon School was sold by its previous ownership in August 2000. We therefore cannot comment on the operations or patient experience prior to this time.”