Patricia Arquette Talks 'Pressure' of 'Severance' Season 2, Reflects on 'True Romance' (Exclusive)

Arquette is nominated a SAG award for her work on the hit Apple TV+ series.

The fans have spoken, and the Severance cast is listening! Patricia Arquette spoke to ET's Denny Directo at the 2023 SAG Awards Sunday where she opened up about the pressure she and the cast feel going into season 2.

"I think we feel some pressure going in the second season, really because of the fans," Arquette shared. "The fans really got on board, and the fans were really invested, and we don't want to let them down, so, I think the pressure is more from them than anything."

Arquette, who is nominated alongside her Severance castmates Sunday, said that while there's definitely a level of excitement for season 2 to drop, she will not be taking part in a watch party to screen the hit Apple TV+ series.

"No, I think that's like, really corny. Like, 'Let's watch me, come over,'" she quipped. "Yeah, no. I'm not into that."

Arquette continued, "I have always kinda tried to minimize me being an actor in my kids' lives and all of that. I love my work, I'm proud of it I love the projects I've been a part of but yeah, gotta keep it in perspective."

While on the carpet, Arquette also took time to reflect on the 30th anniversary of the cult classic film, True Romance. As for how she feels about the major milestone, the 54-year-old actress joked, "very old."

"It makes me feel like, 'Wow, that was like, yesterday,' and it and it makes me feel grateful, because Tony Scott, our director, passed away several years ago, and he was so pivotal to me as an actress," she shared. "He listened to every idea I had, he always was like, 'That's a great idea Bama. Bama's got a great idea, let's do this,' and he really taught me to listen to my instincts. He was kinda like a great girl dad."

His support influenced her work going forward, with Arquette sharing that her experience on True Romance gave her the strength to assert her creative ideas on future TV and film sets.

"It really gave me strength to work with directors after that and say, 'No, no, no, no, no. You know what? I do have a good idea,'" Arquette added.

The 2023 SAG Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 26 at Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles. The ceremony will stream live on Netflix's YouTube channel. See the full list of winners here and stay tuned to for complete SAG Awards coverage.