Patrick Dempsey Reveals the Life-Changing News He Received During ‘Enchanted’ Filming (Exclusive)

The 'Disenchanted' star spoke with ET at the premiere of the long-awaited Disney sequel.

For Patrick Dempsey, his work on Enchanted holds a special place in his heart. The actor is opening up about his experiences on the set of the Disney classic while reflecting on the long-awaited sequel.

Dempsey walked the carpet at the premiere of Disenchanted at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday, and he remembered how he learned a life-changing bit of news while filming the original 2007 fantasy comedy.

"We found out during the course of the first movie that my wife was pregnant with the twins," Dempsey shared with a smile. "That was half-way through the shoot. And my daughter was a few years old at the time."

Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink, share three kids -- 20-year-old daughter Talula and 15-year-old twin boys Darby and Sullivan.

The star said, given the time frame between the original and then hotly anticipated sequel, "It will be interesting to see what they think." Especially since their kids were quite young when they last watched Enchanted.

"The last time we watched the original movie, they couldn't figure out how I got inside the screen! They kept looking at the screen and then looking over at me," he said. "That's how young they were."

In Enchanted, Dempsey's character played the comedic straightman, the based-in-reality foil to Amy Adams' storybook princess. In Disenchanted, Dempsey gets to be a part of the fun, with musical numbers and dancing of his own.

"I was signing, dancing, it was great. It was a lot more fun!" he shared. "And the prep was the best part. Because of all the rehearsals and working with a voice coaching and learning lyrics and finding my voice. To me, when you look back at the experience and that was the best part."

Disenchanted premieres Nov. 18 on Disney+.