Patrick Schwarzenegger Sticks Up for Brother-in-Law Chris Pratt Following Viral 'Worst Chris' Meme

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt
Roy Rochlin, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Patrick slammed Twitter as a 'junkyard' while defending the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is sticking up for Chris Pratt. The 27-year-old actor and model recently opened up about the recent viral upswell of internet rage against his brother-in-law, and slammed those who attack people from behind a keyboard.

"It’s crazy," Schwarzenegger said during a recent interview with Variety. "Twitter is a junkyard, right? I mean, every day there’s something."

Pratt faced increasing criticism on Twitter recently over his alleged political views, after he didn't participate in an Avengers reunion in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, which was held in October. Many fans on social media took Pratt's absence to mean he was in support of Donald Trump.

The frenzy also involved a Twitter meme asking fans to choose which famous Hollywood Chris (i.e. Pratt, Pine, Hemsworth or Evans) they would be okay with never seeing again. Pratt was deemed by some to be the "worst Chris," a phrase that quickly spread among those slamming the actor on social media.

According to Schwarzenegger -- the younger brother of Pratt's wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger -- Twitter has become a place were people get enjoyment by tearing others down.

"People are calling out this person or that person, or let’s get mad at this person. People are so focused on putting other people down to make themselves feel better," he shared. "It’s sad, honestly."

With regards to how the internet outrage impacted the 41-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star, Schwarzenegger explained, "Chris is pretty strong-boned. I don’t think anything really hits him deep down,"

"I messaged him, and just mostly was like, 'I hope you’re not taking this seriously,'" Schwarzenegger shared. "I don’t really know what else to say. I think he can learn a thing or two from my dad or my mom. My dad was always adamant about not letting anybody else’s opinions mess with his drive or where he wanted to go. No matter what you’re doing in life, there are always going be people hating on you and wanting you to fail... People are hating on people, no matter what."

"There’s always two ways to focus on anything in life: the positive and the negative," Schwarzenegger added. "People that focus on the negative, it shows more about them as a person."

Following the pile-on, many of Pratt's MCU co-stars and friends took to social media to defend the actor.

Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, James Gunn and Robert Downey Jr. were among many celebs who came out to share effusive praise for the star and the quality of his character.

Meanwhile, Pratt has not responded to the criticism or commented on the controversy surrounding his alleged political affiliations. The actor and his wife have been fairly busy raising their baby daughter Lyla, whom they welcomed in August.

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