Paula Abdul, DJ Khaled and More Stars Attempt the Viral #BroomChallenge -- See Their Attempts

Paula Abdul
Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

There's a new viral challenge that has taken the internet by storm.

There's a new challenge that celebrities are obsessed with!

The latest viral craze is the #BroomChallenge, which has taken the internet by storm with people attempting to stand their broomsticks on their own. It all began when a fake claim spread that NASA said that a broom would only stand upright on Feb. 10. There was no such claim made by the space agency. However, celebrities like Paula Abdul, Chrissy Teigen and more couldn't help but give the challenge a try.

The "Straight Up" singer was clearly among the winners of the #BroomChallenge, as she danced around her standing broom. "Pajama broom challenge ? What are you doing on a Monday Night?! #broomchallenge," she tweeted.

When someone asked Teigen to attempt the challenge, she quipped back: "I have a thai broom. It does not balance."

DJ Khaled couldn't help but give the #BroomChallenge a try.

Disney even poked fun at the challenge with its magical brooms from Fantasia. "The original standing broom," Disney Music tweeted.

See more stars getting in on the fun, below: