Pedro Pascal Reveals When He Learned Baby Yoda's Real Name (Exclusive)

'The Mandalorian' actor also tells ET about joining the DC universe with 'Wonder Woman 1984.'

Darksabers, shmarksabers. The biggest reveals on The Mandalorian have been what everyone's real names is. In season 1, we learned Mando's name is -- if you can believe it -- Din Djarin and season 2 recently revealed the cutie formerly known as The Child and Baby Yoda is actually called... Grogu! (Cut to Baby Yoda looking up at us and cooing.)

ET sat down with Mando -- er, Din -- himself to discuss Wonder Woman 1984, and Pedro Pascal revealed that he's known the little green guy's government name since "the start of season 2."

Pascal explained that he receives all of that season's scripts before filming begins ("For it to be as good as it is, they are well prepared to start shooting") and said, "My favorite thing about it is how a part of the creative process [I am]. I'm invited to at least observe and experience and contribute whatever will occur to me, so Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, they get me the scripts before we get into shooting. So, I know it all, baby!"

Only time will tell whose given name is revealed in season 3 or 4 or 5, as Pascal says he has "no idea" how many seasons the series will run. "I think that quality is always going to override quantity," he weighed in. "I think as long as it's staying at this incredible standard at which it is at, it's more a matter of that than anything else."


In the meantime, he adds to the fandoms he already notched on his belt with Game of Thrones -- he played Oberyn Martell in season 4 -- and The Mandalorian with WW84, in which he takes on Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman as the villainous Maxwell Lord.

"My first introduction to some serious fans was Game of Thrones. I was doing a play in New York when the episodes that I was in were airing and I gradually started to get noticed in my regular routine, on the train, like, drinking my coffee," Pascal recalled. Then there was 2019's Star Wars Celebration. "I remember stepping out onto that stage and it was like being on the receiving end of a jet. It was just awash of cheers and I thought, 'I could get used to this!'"

"I've been told about the DC fans," he added. "And I can't wait to get more of an impression once the movie comes out."

Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max on Dec. 25.


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