Pedro Pascal's Coffee Order Goes Viral -- and It's a Caffeine Overload

The 'Last of Us' star's order is going viral after a fan posted their encounter on TikTok.

Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order has fans all amped up! TikTok user Alexa From Space posted a video showing her interaction with the star, and fans couldn't help but notice the The Last of Us actor's beverage.

In the video, Pascal is all smiles as he greets fans. In his hand is a cold venti Starbucks cup with the sticker clearly visible showing his order. In the video, the TikTok user zooms in on the order, revealing that Pascal gets an iced quad, with two extra shots of expresso, making it six shots of espresso over ice.

Cutting down the bold flavor, the actor adds extra ice. 

@alexafromspace Met THE DADDY of the daddies 2 weeks ago and he was pure gold #pedropascal #fyp #daddy #pedropascaledit ♬ Big Boys (sped up + reverb) - Remix - NVBR

For the caption of the video, which has garnered over six million views, the user reacted to the drink order.

"Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders #pedropascal #pedropascalstarbucks #starbucksdrinks #pedropascaledit #zaddy #fyp #espressotiktok," the caption read.

Users took to the comments section of the video, to react to to the star's order.

"Six shots over ice is wild," one user wrote.

"Mans is CAFFEINATED," another quipped.

One user officially deemed the order "The Pedro." 

Fans haven't just been going wild over his coffee order. The 47-year-old actor recently took on the wings of death during the latest episode of Hot Ones, where he couldn't take the heat. During the interview, Pascal delivered an iconic one-liner as he talked about his career, Mexican food and more, joking that he was "crying from my head." 

Pascal's attention has deemed him the internet's "Zaddie." In January, while catching up with ET, the actor admitted that he has embraced the term.

"I'll take it," he told ET's Ash Crosson. "I'm not offended."