Peter Gallagher Would ‘Love’ to Revive ‘The O.C.’ (Exclusive)

The ‘Grace and Frankie’ star tells ET that he’s ready to slip back into Sandy Cohen’s shoes.

Peter Gallagher would be happy to return to Orange County any time.

“I love Sandy Cohen,” Gallagher tells ET, referencing his character from The O.C. “I’d love to play Sandy Cohen again.”

While there hasn’t really been talk of bringing back the hit Fox drama, Gallagher cautions to “never say never” when it comes to a reboot or revival, especially in this age of television (though, his TV son, Adam Brody, pretty much shut down the idea when he stopped by ET’s studios recently). This year actually marks the 15th anniversary of the teen drama’s debut.

“That’s shocking,” Gallagher admits, guessing that Sandy would be “older, wiser, twice as funny and twice as smart” -- and still grabbing bagels! -- if we were to check in on the character today.

“Probably alone,” he jokes. “No, I imagine [he’s] pretty much where we left him off.”

If you need a refresher, The O.C.’s 2007 finale flashed forward a few years to reveal that Sandy and his wife, Kirsten, had moved up to Berkeley, California, where Sandy was now a law professor. These days, Gallagher is practicing making moves on Jane Fonda… on Grace and Frankie. ET caught up with the actor at a special screening celebrating the show at the Arclight Theater in Culver City, California, on Thursday night.

“It was delightful, romancing Jane Fonda,” he gushes. “I loved every minute that I was at work.”

Season four of Grace and Frankie is now streaming on Netflix.