Relive 6 of the Most Memorable Moments From 'The O.C.'!


"Welcome to the O.C., b***h!"

It's remarkable to think that more than a decade has passed since The O.C. first graced our television screens. What did we do before Ryan Atwood’s broodiness, Seth Cohen's memorable zingers or Summer Roberts' patented catchphrase ("Ew?!")?

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With summer fast approaching, it's only fitting that we relive the California magic one more time! Here are six of The O.C.'s best and most iconic moments:

1. "Welcome to the O.C., B***h!"

Talk about an introduction to Orange County! The O.C.'s first episode really set the tone for the debauchery and madness that would ensue over the course of four seasons, and poor Ryan suffered the first blow -- literally. Luke utters this famous line to Ryan after beating him and Seth up in the pilot. Classic.

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2. Introduction of 'Superholiday' Chrismukkah

What happens when you combine December's two biggest holidays into one? You get Chrismukkah! It's pretty genius on Seth's part, as he explains to Ryan (a Chrismukkah newbie, mind you), the pros of having a Christian mother and a Jewish father. Who wouldn’t want "eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents"? Our lives changed for the better after this glorious O.C. moment!

3. Holy Moly, Marissa Shoots Trey

Easily one of The O.C.'s most intense moments. After Marissa walks into a brawl between Ryan and his trouble-causing brother, Trey, things escalate when she spots the gun on the floor, picks it up and shoots him. The season two cliffhanger became so popular, it catapulted Imogen Heap’s eerie song, "Hide and Seek," to popularity and even inspired a Saturday Night Live parody that's been viewed more than 12 million times.

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4. Seth and Summer’s Swoon-Worthy 'Spiderman' Kiss

Chalk this one up as the show’s most romantic scene. After spending way too many episodes apart in season two, Summer has a moment of clarity and comes to the realization that she really truly loves Seth! (Duh.) In the pouring rain, she heads straight for the Cohen mansion and finds Seth hanging upside down wearing his Spiderman mask, sealing everything with an epic, nerd-tastic kiss! Seriously swoon-worthy.

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5. Marissa Dies in Ryan's Arms in Explosive Fashion

Marissa's journey on The O.C. was one wild, crazy rollercoaster ride, to put it mildly. There was the drinking, the unstable family life, and the many, many, many romances -- some great (see: Ryan), others not so much (remember Oliver?!). So when Marissa died after a fiery crash caused by her terrible ex Volchok, you couldn’t help but feel for the girl. And if you weren’t bawling when Ryan carried her lifeless body away from the wreckage, you have no soul. Marissa’s heartbreaking last words to Ryan? "I love you." Sob!

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6. Seth and Summer Get Married

The final season may have been rocky, but the series finale gave loyal O.C. fans everything they ever wanted -- namely Seth and Summer's wedding! Just look at her gorgeous wedding gown!