Peter Weber Kissed the Most Women on Night One in 'Bachelor' History: Here's His Tally (Exclusive)

The current Bachelor kissed more than a third of his women the first night.

Peter Weber's doing his best to take over Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s kissing bandit title!

ET's Matt Cohen caught up with the 28-year-old current Bachelor at ABC's Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, and Weber revealed that he kissed more than a third of his 30 women on night one. Past Bachelor leads have typically kissed between one and three women during their first night.

"I think I kissed 12 the first night," he shared, before adding that he's "not ashamed" of that fact.

"I don't know why people think it's weird. I was dating them and I'm someone [and] I feel it, I don't hold back. There was a lot of instant chemistry and connections," he explained. "I've seen people say, like, it's weird [and] I'm like, 'Really? OK.' I was dating them, you know?"

Weber also noted that he wasn't always the one initiating the kisses, saying "some of the girls were coming up to me and kissing me." 

Finding connections was important to Weber during his Bachelor run, and something he focused on despite his fear that some of the women would come onto the show for the wrong reasons.

"The very first night, I made a very clear point of asking the women to show me the respect that I was showing them [by] letting them know how much this meant to me, and [that] I was taking it so seriously," he recalled. "I know that this can give you other opportunities -- I get that, I'm not naive -- but use it for what it's intended for."

"I definitely had that fear, but I can say I had a great group for sure," he added.

Weber's season will culminate in a dramatic finale, the events of which, he told ET, were "really, really difficult."

"The last week of this was the hardest of my life," he admitted. "It was literally till, like, the last second stuff was going on and it was hard."

"You're gonna see what happens, it's crazy," Weber continued. "I couldn't have expected any of that to go the way it did, but I can say that I'm very happy with how everything ended up."

Though it remains unclear if Weber found love this season, he previously told ET that he had "a very big heartbreak for sure," though it didn't compare to his split with Hannah Brown, whom he counts as his "biggest heartbreak."

"I would not say it's bigger than that. You guys will see it," he teased. "That last week was the hardest week of my life... this season was very hard."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below. 

Reporting by Jennifer Drysdale



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