Peter Weber Speaks Out on His Relationship With Kelley Flanagan

The former Bachelor is currently quarantining with the Chicago-based lawyer.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are getting to know each other well while in quarantine. The former Bachelor has been holed up with the lawyer in her Chicago home during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that she went home ahead of Weber's final four contestants during his season of the show.

During an appearance on Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay's Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Weber said that, despite getting engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss and later giving it a brief go with his runner-up, Madison Prewett, he now knows Flanagan better than he knew both of his final two women.

"Yes," he emphatically confirmed after Lindsay posed the question. "You get to know someone quick like this... I've definitely gotten to know her very well. Everything that kind of makes her tick and just kinda annoys her. It's been good. Really good."

Though the pair is quarantining together, they haven't put a label on it, with Weber telling the hosts, "She's got three bedrooms. No roommates... We each have our own rooms... It's a good time."

"We are quarantining together, so we have no choice but to spend all of our time together," he said. "I'm grateful for that. I'm very grateful because we get along so well. I look up to her and just have so much respect for her." 

"I owe a lot of it to her. She's been amazing," Weber added.

Flanagan also joined the conversation at one point, stating that Weber is "way better" in real life than he was on the show.

"Some parts of him that you saw weren't necessarily him. I even used to say on the show, 'There's Peter Weber and there's the Bachelor Peter,'" she said. "They'd be like, 'Can you stop saying that?' And I'd be like, 'No, 'cause it's true. I met him outside of this and he's so much cooler than he is on this show.'"

"I guess I'd rather have it that way than vice versa, so, thank you," Weber replied.

Watch the video below to see how other Bachelor Nation stars are spending their quarantine.