Phil Keoghan Says the 'Honeymoon Is Over' on 'Tough as Nails': First Look at Latest Challenge (Exclusive)

The host previews Wednesday's episode of CBS' reality competition show.

The latest episode of CBS' Tough as Nails may be the toughest yet.

On Wednesday's installment of the reality competition series, the contestants are faced with their most difficult challenge yet: breaking apart a slab of cement and successfully storing it.  

In ET's exclusive clip from the episode, it's clear the competitors are struggling -- in their own ways -- to power through with the challenge. And, as the sneak peek depicts, a few gradually figure out tricks of the trade that may give them a leg up on the competition, impressing even host Phil Keoghan.

In previewing the hour, Keoghan said this is when the competition on Tough as Nails gets intense.

"The honeymoon is over. We are now halfway through the competition and things are getting real, something that is bound to happen when bringing together a group of A-types who are the best of the best at their chosen trade," he previewed. "Savage Crew have fallen behind Dirty Hands in the Team Competition and are desperate to catch up."

Keoghan noted that the majority of the challenges featured on the show are "based on jobs I have done in my life, including smashing concrete. But our challenge department team also brought in ideas from their real world experiences."

"The idea is that we plug into real job sites and do things that people do every day rather than building a reality competition set," he noted.

As the series shows, Tough as Nails is about "real people in real life who are real tough," Keoghan said. "Our goal is to be as authentic as we can to honor hard-working Americans who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to get the job done… the people who keep our country running."

Tough as Nails airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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