Phoebe Bridgers Announces Her Father Has Died

Phoebe Bridgers
Steve Jennings/WireImage

Phoebe Bridgers shared the news of her father's death in a tribute she posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

The celebrated singer-songwriter shared a throwback photo of herself, rocking short, pink hair, listening to music through headphones alongside her late father.

"Rest in peace dad," Bridgers, 28, captioned the post. She provided no further information or details.

Bridgers has been candid about her complicated and tumultuous relationship with her father. In a profile for GQ in September 2019, Bridgers revealed that her parents got divorced when she was 20, and stated that he father had been abusive and had a "drug thing" when she was younger.

In 2020, Bridgers opened up to NPR about having a complicated relationship that she says has been a combination of her father being "emotionally unavailable, but very present in a weird way."

Famously, Bridgers' song "Kyoto" is about her dad, and her frustrations with him, as well as her uncertainty about whether or not she will eventually forgive him for his past actions. Bridgers said the song proved to be a good way to work through some challenging emotions.

"It’s nice to not feel, like, emotionally trapped all the time with stuff that you carry into your life,” she said in her interview with NPR. "Like, I think I was angry for a long time, and... the song is basically about, like, not being angry anymore."

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