Pitbull Is Here to Give You Hope -- and a First Look at His New Music Video (Exclusive)

'It's not your regular Pitbull video.'

Pitbull is here to shepherd us through the coronavirus pandemic -- from a distance. 

The music video for the entertainer's new anthem, "I Believe That We Will Win," drops Thursday, and only ET has a first look. As Pitbull told ET's Nischelle Turner, "It's not your regular Pitbull video. ... It's all about motivating the planet," he said. 

To Pitbull, it's important to recognize the way the pandemic is affecting more than just people's health. "This is something that I think is going to wake up the whole world in a very serious way," he shared, noting how, amid the devastating death tolls, people have also found new ways to connect with family members and appreciate living in the moment. 

"I'm here to give you hope. I'm here to give you positivity. I'm here to give you motivation. I'm here to give you inspiration," Pitbull promised. "We got this, folks, and that's why we came up with the song 'I Believe.'"

Mr. Worldwide filmed the music video while social distancing at his SLAM charter school in Miami. "There might be about three people shooting this video at this point -- maybe five of us, if that -- so, we are under all rules and regulations," he assured ET. 

The music video also features videos of fans and first responders dancing from their homes. "I want to say to all the teachers, administrators, students, parents, first responders, doctors, nurses -- to all of y'all, God bless," Pitbull said. "To be able to pivot the way that we have and continue society going one way or another... it goes to show you how resilient we are as a human race."

All the money raised from "I Believe That We Will Win" will go to charities, including Feeding America. "I've been telling people, 'Stay safe, stay healthy, stay aware, stay positive. Stay educated on what's going on,'" Pitbull added. "Y'all got the access in your phone to access all the information, so I would love for people to look up things such as the World Health Organization and what they got going on." 

See more on Pitbull in the video below.